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Cathy Ostlere

“I couldn’t put it down once I started.”

“… an intense story told with a lot of grace.”

“My throat tightened and my heart ached many times but I also felt much love and great hope. How blessed your brother was to have you as his sister.”

“… it was amazing.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your journey.”

“… I savoured every word.”

“Your story is thundering around in my mind today. We are all connected by our losses and the questions they raise.”

“… very inspirational.”

“Unforgettable. A memoir of searching for a brother lost at sea … but also poetry, reflections on grief, loss, love, and the pursuing of passion….”

“… the style of writing really conveys the pain, anger and sense of loss. Very touching ….”

“This is a wonderful memorial and tribute. An act of courage and love.”

“… it was so insightful.”

“… I still think about it often…. It felt incredibly brave and personal, and dark, and also sad. It was an intense read but also poetic. It left a lot to reflect on.”

“… it’s beautiful.”

“LOST is a classic adventure story rendered in beautiful, sometimes haunting prose. But it is also a startling honest meditation on desire, family, and fulfillment. How does a man live an authentic life? And what happens when that life is lost?”

“Lost invites readers along to witness Ostlere’s heartbreaking memories of her brother’s upbringing, unique personality, and beloved place within numerous families. Such a great loss subsequently leads Ostlere to carefully examine her own life choices, including her land-bound duties as a wife and mother.”

“This book is a meditation on love. The author has a wonderful ability to describe events and emotions in poetic, haunting prose. She explores what it means to follow your dreams and passions, to live an authentic life at all costs. Ostlere examines the effect of a death that is neither confirmed (her brother was presumed lost at sea) nor completely comprehensible (to those who chose security over their dreams) on those who are left behind, the family and friends who grieve whilst trying to understand. And in the final analysis, this book speaks of the bond between siblings, of love that is both painful and magnificent, of memories that bring both pleasure and grief. Ostlere’s ability with language is stunning…her word paintings are haunting.”

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Lost was selected by as one of the Best Books of May 2008, long list selection

Lost was shortlisted for the 2009 Edna Staebler Creative Non-Fiction Award

Cathy Ostlere

Cathy Ostlere

Cathy Ostlere

Cathy Ostlere