Reviews for LOST — the play

Winnipeg — January 2012

Uptown Magazine — The Power of a Good Story

“Based on the bestselling book by Calgary writer and former Winnipegger Cathy Ostlere, Lost: A Memoir — Jan. 19 to Feb. 5 at Prairie Theatre Exchange — is the true and inspiring story of Ostlere’s search for her brother, who disappeared at sea.” Read more

CBC — Compelling

“Lost is a stylistic triumph. Bretta Gerecke’s set, constructed primarily of clear cubes and rectangles in front of a curved wave-like backdrop, is cool and dispassionate as the sea (quite literally at points - the production also makes dramatic use of water on stage). Thrown onto the backdrop, Jamie Nesbitt’s projections - everything from David’s writing to maps to a radar screen - help give the story a sense of place and momentum. And Scott Henderson’s bold lighting design helps reflect the many complex emotional notes in Ostlere and Gurnham’s script.” Read more

Winnipeg Free Press — Getting lost onstage

“Even before he finished the book, Garnhum was convinced that Lost: A Memoir would make a powerful play. It’s now a one-woman drama performed by Alberta actor Jan Alexandra Smith, opening tonight at Prairie Theatre Exchange after successful runs in Calgary and Halifax. The 90-minute show is performed on a steel-and-glass set that incorporates a “sea” of actual water. It has been praised as a moving, uplifting account of “one woman’s journey to find and reclaim her life.” Read more

The Uniter — Powerful One-Woman Show

“One of the artists Cathy credits most with Lost’s successful transformation is Jan Alexandra Smith - the show’s solo actor. “Jan is a force of nature. She takes a quiet story and makes it bolder and louder,” Ostlere says. “In my personal life, I want to be more like this actress.” Read more

Halifax — October 2011

Chronicle Herald — Stunning

“Lost — A Memoir is a stunning theatrical experience. As the 38-year-old Cathy, Smith is instantly engaging, joyful and open to life. Her anxiety and sorrow are stormy moments amidst the easy flow of her sociable, intelligent personality. This play makes you want to travel and access your own dreams as Cathy debates risk versus routine.” Read more

Arts East — Poignant and Powerful

“It is a rare feat for any individual to capture an audience’s attention for a full 90 minutes. However, Jan Alexandra Smith did just that at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax last night with her poignant and powerful one-woman production of Cathy Ostlere’s Lost – A Memoir.” Read more

The Coast — One-woman powerhouse

“The set, with its projections that capture the sights and sounds of the sea in an almost abstract way, is a brilliantly conceived back drop to the story. Smith is a captivating actress at the helm of a captivating, thought-provoking and touching story….” Read more

Indianapolis — September 2011

Calgary — October 2010

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